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We look and analyze the Kolkata escorts market and bang our heads against the walls. Whatever happened to the courtesy, hospitality, and congeniality, and most importantly honesty? There are third class pimps who claim themselves to be the best when they don’t know the first thing about this business and how to run it. We don’t want to badmouth anybody but this is our duty to provide our clients with all the information so they can make an informed decision about which Kolkata Escorts Services they should opt for.

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We will tell you briefly what most of the times happens as we have heard from our clients who until now did not know about us and were doing their business someplace else. We are very sorry and we totally sympathize with them.

Usually, the girls these fake escorts agencies show you are not the ones you see when the call girl in Kolkata shows up with the pimp. Isn’t that like a rule that has established while dealing with these incompetent agencies? A client should only pay for what they asked. You might be walking in the air thinking about the amazing adultery you are going to commit, fantasizing about the kind of positions and penetrations you would to thrust inside her hot lava pink pussy but the girl that showed up is not what you paid for.

VIP call girl is illiterate, third class and more than thirty years old. This is downright cheating and wrong. And when you ask and complain about the girl they showed pictures of on WhatsApp, they deny it absolutely and insult your intelligence. They will make excuses how the photos have been Photoshopped and a hundred other lies on your face. And to be honest, now you’re fucked. You can’t back out, you can’t cancel the hooker you hoped to fuck the sexy ass out of her. The deal has been closed and you have to pay what the pimp is asking for. In a nutshell, you’re screwed.

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